Here are the signs that your Android smartphone is hacked


If your Android smartphone is showing the following signs, it is either hacked or infected with a malware

With more than 2 billion Android smartphones being used in the world, they have become the favorite target for hackers and cybercriminals. Since the Android operating system is open-source, it becomes that much easier for hackers to make their own malicious Apps and make Android smartphone users load them either through phishing attacks or by bypassing Google’s Android security system and placing them on Google Play Store.

How do you find out that your Android smartphone is hacked? Identifying whether your Android smartphone is hacked is more difficult then you think. A smart cybercriminal can use a sophisticated hack or malware to exfiltrate confidential images/videos and data from your Android smartphone without you even knowing about it. Installing Monero cryptocurrency mining software on your Android smartphone is also emerging as a popular theme among cybercriminals.

A sophisticated Android smartphone hack means the presence of malicious apps or software such as malware, spyware, or Apps that can steal sensitive data like banking credentials from wallets, photos, videos, and other sensitive files from your smartphone. In this article, we will take a look at how you can identify whether your Android smartphone is hacked or infected with any kind of trojan/malware.

Unsolicited Ads

Ads are normal if they appear within your browser, game, or any App but they are not normal if they appear on your Android smartphone screen without any reason. If you find that your Android smartphone is showing you ads from unknown sources on your main screen whenever you unlock your smartphone, you have been infected with adware. Adware is malware that comes piggybacking on seemingly legitimate Apps and runs havoc. Adwares not only show you unsolicited ads they can also steal your confidential information like photos/videos/files without your knowledge.

The appearance of unknown App on screen or in the file manager

One fine day if you find an unknown App icon on your Android smartphone screen or any unknown Android App in your file manager, you have been infected with malware.

Installed apps disappearing from your Android smartphone

Like unknown Apps appearing, your known Apps disappearing from your smartphone screen should also worry you. No App will disappear unless you install it or somebody else does. This somebody else could be a hacker who is remotely deleting Apps which are stopping them from stealing your data. The most common indication of your Android smartphone being hacked is when an App disappears just after you have downloaded it.

Unusual battery drain

Another big sign that your Android smartphone is hacked is an unusual battery drain. Especially when it shows 100% while charging and then shows only 10% after 2-3 hours of battery recharge. Sometimes App bug could also cause an unusual battery drain but normally only unseen cryptocurrency mining Apps cause such a huge drain.

Missed calls from international numbers or +0000 calls

Sometimes, in rare cases, your phone’s call list has a feed of missed calls, unknown international calls, and calls from +0000 number. This is also an indication of a hacked Android smartphone.

Mobile data gets consumed very fast

If your normal daily data usage is around 2GB to 3GB and suddenly you find that you are consuming 4 to 5GB a day, it is an indication that your App is infected by some malware which is contact continuously with its command and control server and stealing confidential data.

Android smartphone suddenly freezes, stutters or slows down

If your Android smartphone is suddenly freezing it is an indication that it has been hacked. Sometimes your Android smartphone could just stutter or slow down while you are doing normal day to day things or if you find your Apps are taking a lot of time to load. A drop in your Android smartphone’s performance also indicates malware infection on the smartphone.

Is your Android smartphone hacked or infected by malware? Here is how to clean your Android smartphone

If your Android smartphone is doing any of the above things, don’t panic. Just download a mobile security App and scan your smartphone. If you are still doubtful whether your smartphone is hacked, download another mobile security App just to make sure.

Keep using the mobile security App regularly to keep your device secure. If you can afford, go for a premium version of any anti-malware software as they are more effective in dealing with malware, ransomware, and crypto mining Apps.

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