Hackers your favorite Parrot Version 4.9 Linux Distro Released


Parrot 4.9 Linux distro released, Your alternative to Kali Linux hacking distro

If you are into IT security including hacking networks to test their stability, you probably know about the most popular Linux distro for hackers – Kali Linux. However, many of you probably don’t know the second-best -Parrot Linux distro for hackers. Like Kali Linux, Parrot Linux has been a time tested friend of the security researchers, white hat hackers, and plain vanilla security geeks.

Now the Parrot Linux version 4.9 has been released. Parrot Security announced the release of Parrot 4.9 with newly added Linux 5.5 and hardware support.

Parrot OS 4.9

The team behind Parrot Linux distro says that the new 4.9 version introduces has a more friendly installer. It also comes with a new login screen. The Parrot Security OS 4.9 now comes with Linux 5.5 kernel that offers reliable hardware support and fixes for bugs. It also supports additional hardware that wasn’t supported before. If you download the new version you will see that it is now much easier to navigate. A major highlight of Parrot OS v4.9 is Python 2 libraries and tools have been removed.  Several iso-images with MATE environment (full 3.9 GB and reduced 1.7 GB) and KDE desktop (2 GB) are offered for booting.

The new version also removes the Anonsurf DNS bugs and automatic shutdown. Anonsurf also makes it to the GUI so you don’t have to key in commands every time you want to use it. It also comes with the Parrot installer based on Calamers which makes it easier to install applications

Top updates in Parrot OS 4.9:

  • Improved menu structure
  • Removed redundant launchers
  • Fix icon missing in brisk menu
  • Fix icons for some security tools
  • Fix airgeddon execution path
  • Update for launchers

How To Install Or Upgrade To Parrot 4.9?

Parrot OS Linux distro can be updated through the OS itself. If you already have Parrot OS installed, upgrade your existing system by running the following single command and there you get Parrot 4.9:
sudo parrot-upgrade
Sudo Apt Update && Sudo Apt Full-Upgrade
If you want a fresh installation of Parrot OS v4.9, you can download ISO images from here. The images are available in multiple editions like Security, Mate, KDE, Netinstall, Virtual, and Home from which you can choose the one that suits you.


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