Hackers steal 160,000 Nintendo Switch user accounts


Unknown hackers steal nearly 160,000 Nintendo Switch Network IDs

If you are a Nintendo Switch user, you should read this article carefully for your NNID could be in the hands of unknown hackers. Unknown hackers managed to break into Nintendo servers and steal Nintendo Network ID (NNID) which the Switch users require to log into the Nintendo gamer servers.

“This time, using a login ID and password information obtained illegally by some means other than our service, a phenomenon that seems to have been made by impersonating the Nintendo Network ID”

Nintendo on Friday morning confirmed that at least 160,000 NNIDs were stolen during a hack earlier this month. Nintendo Switch users have been complaining over social media networks about their NNIDs being misused. Nintendo had earlier scoffed off the data breach. Now Nintendo says that NNIDs of nearly 160,000 Nintendo Switch users may be affected by the breach. The hackers are thought to have exploited vulnerabilities in Nintendo’s NNID legacy login system to hack into user accounts since early April.  

Nintendo does not have more information about how the hackers managed to access user accounts and what user records were stolen by the hackers. It seems hackers gained access to the account’s private information, including their nickname, date of birth, country/region, email address, and more. Payment related information such as Credit/Debit card details and security settings have not been breached according to Nintendo. The issue seems to affect only Nintendo Switch users. Other Nintendo servers have not been hacked according to Nintendo Europe which also released a statement saying that “there is currently no evidence pointing towards a breach of Nintendo’s databases, servers or services.” You can read that full statement here

After the data breach was detected, Nintendo has abolished the ability to log into a Nintendo account via NNID. Further, it is asking for all Nintendo Switch users to reset their passwords. Switch users you have been hacked will receive an email from Nintendo notifying them of a password reset.


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