Hackers hacked French national television, France Télévisions and infected it with malware


Unknown hackers hacked into French national TV channel, France Télévisions group and infected one of the channel websites with malware

Unknown hackers hacked into one of the sites belonging to the French national TV group- France Télévisions group. The group announced yesterday that it was hit by a cyberattack, targeting one of its broadcasting sites. The France Télévisions group did not announce any details of the hacking attempt but said that the attack did not impact its antennae.

A France Télévisions group press statement says that “One of its broadcast sites has been infected with a computer virus.” However, the press statement doesn’t divulge many details of the hack attack like who was responsible for the hack or which TV Station was infected by malware.

Going from the press release, it seems that the hackers were able to hack into the servers of France 3 channel and infect it with malware.

For the time being, the teams are fully mobilized and broadcasting on air is not impacted in the short term,” added the public group. “However, the broadcasting of France 3 will be transferred to the headquarters of France Televisions and the backup site has already been activated.

France Télévisions press statement

As said above, the target of the hackers seems to be France 3 TV network that was immediately shifted by the France Télévisions group security to the headquarters of France Televisions to shepherd it from further hack attempts. The company said it has activated the backup site in response to the incident.

French media has been a target of hackers for a while now. In 2015, the top French network TV5Monde was taken down by hackers compromising its transmission for weeks. Similarly, M6 TV Network was hit with ransomware in 2019.


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