Hackers be aware of Call of Duty Warzone Latest Update


Call of Duty Warzone: Latest update permanently bans hackers and disallow creating a new account

Online Gaming is at the best in the current situation in the world. Gaming companies have been great at deploying exciting updates and making the gaming world busy. However, companies are always against hackers for using a hack for gaining top tier.

The Last update COD added was for banning the hackers from the game permanently, however it was an easy fix for the hackers as to make a new account as soon as they are banned.

Looking at the situation the developers at Call of Duty have now implemented a new technique against the Hackers. The latest security measure initiated in Warzone is a two-step authentication process. All new free-to-play users on PC will have to authenticate their accounts via SMS.

While this has nothing to do with identifying or banning hackers, it will essentially disable banned players from making new accounts easily. Moreover, this will also ease the process of tracking hackers.

Players accessing Warzone via Modern Warfare won’t have to authenticate their accounts in this manner.

After the launch of the Warzone back in April, the developers at COD said that they banned over 70,000 accounts for hacking. The CoD community was absolutely delighted with the news and lauded the devs. However, it soon became apparent it wasn’t even a dent in the wave of hackers still present in the game.

Later in April, devs came up with an innovative but ultimately ineffective new strategy. They started pitting suspected hackers against one another by fashioning a separate lobby for them. Unfortunately, many honest and skilled players fell victim to this method unfairly.

All in all, the issue continues to trouble Infinity Ward, but the new two-step authentication will certainly help.


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