Hackers are offering database of 29.1 million Indians for free on Dark Web hacker forum


Hackers leak database of 29.1 Million Indian Job Seekers on Dark Web hacker forum for free

Hackers are offering databases containing personal data of at least 29.1 million Indian job seekers on the dark web hacker forum for free. The database dump was found by researchers at Cyble who had earlier revealed how the Shiny Hunters hacking group was offering databases from 14 different companies for sale on dark web hacker forums.

Cyble researchers say they came across an “interesting” 2.3GB database that contained personal information of job seekers across India, including email ids, phone numbers, qualifications, residential address, etc. The surprising thing Cyble found was the hackers were offering this database for FREE.

The database seems to be stolen from some job recruiting firm given the sheer volume and detailed information about job seekers. The bulk of the database contains MS Excel sheets with file names ranging from Karnataka to Delhi.

The’29.1 million databases being offered for Free should not surprise database leak watchers. Leaked data from Indian, Indonesian, Pakistani, and other Asian countries don’t command much premium on dark web hacker forums. Most hacker forum buyers like email ids and credit card details of American and European citizens as they are much more rewarding.

After the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown implemented in most countries,  hack attacks and data breaches have suddenly risen exponentially. Shiny Hunters hacking group already has databases of nearly 250 million user records from different countries. It also has access to the Microsoft GitHub repository which is nearly 500GBs in size.

Cyble says they are investigating the Indian data breach. In the meantime, if you had ever applied for a job and would like to know whether your name and address features in this 29.1 million database leak, visit AmIbreached.com to know more.


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