Hackers and cybercriminals private messages on WeLeakData.com now sold on Dark Web


After WeLeakData.com shutdown, Private messages of Cybercriminals and Hackers with other databases being sold on DarkWeb

WeLeakData.com was a hacker forum and marketplace that primarily focused on discussing, trading, and selling databases stolen during data breaches and combo lists that are used in credential stuffing attacks.

However, last month WeLeakData.com mysteriously shut down, “After a brief time of being offline, allegedly, the site was sold to a new member of the forum, and came back online.” About the same time, it is observed that “a new fork cracking site – leaksmarket.com which was strikingly the same site (operated by a new actor with no credibility), with all the same content,” leading them to believe the original WeLeakData database either had been compromised or rebranded by the original owner, said the Cyble Researchers.

The researchers at ‘Cyble’ first accessed the database from a dark web market seller in April, they found it contained information, such as email addresses, usernames, passwords, private messages and IP addresses, on the forum’s members, “mostly researchers, hackers, cybercriminals and crackers.”

On April 2020, Cyble researchers managed to gain access to the WeLeakData.com database from a darkweb market seller and identified several interesting aspects from the database file.

Cyble states that this database was also used to launch a new site called Leaksmarket.com, whose forum contains the same posts, private messages, and users that were in the dump.

However. Users can check if their information was leaked at amibreached.com data breach lookup services, a database of Cyble.


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