Hackers, a new Input Transformation tool for you


Transformations- A tool for hackers to understand how input is transformed on a system

If you are an ethical hacker, you will love this tool. Jobert Abma who is Co-founder of HackerOne and goes under the Twitter handle of @Hacker0x01 has developed a new input transformation tool for you. The tool is called Transformations gives you results immediately.

The Transformations tool helps hackers to understand how any input is transformed on any system. Abma made the announcement of the release of Transformations for hackers through a tweet.

The Transformations tool also allows you to determine the smallest transformation. The tool has been developed in Javascript. You can access the Transformations Tool here. You can also visit the Transformations GitHub page here.

Abma has also published other tools that can help hackers.

  • ground-control: A collection of scripts that run on tools web server mainly for debugging SSRF, blind XSS, and XXE vulnerabilities.

  • relative-url-extractor: A small tool that extracts relative URLs from a file

    virtual-host-discovery:  A script to enumerate virtual hosts on a server.

    recon.sh: A toolset to track and organize the output of reconnaissance tools


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