Guide on How to Rooting + Install Google Apps on Lenovo K900


Guide on How to Rooting + Install Google Apps on Lenovo K900 – The latest update firmware with ROOT access for Lenovo K900. On this guide i will post how to Rooting and Install Google Applications for Lenovo K900 on latest official firmware. So this is an “CN” not an International ROM, so it does not have multi languages feature just only has english and chinese language. This version support OTG and play music already normal, ROM already clean from lenovo original software (bloatware) and the most important is this ROM already ROOTED.

Guide on How to Rooting + Install Google Apps on Lenovo K900

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Preparations :

  • Backup all needed data (contacts, messages, pictures, etc) this guide will erase all your data
  • Charge your battery minimal 70%, we don’t wanna sudden shutdown happen in the middle of flashing process.
  • Prepare size at least 1 GB on your SD Card.
Downloads :
Guide on How to Rooting + Install Google Apps on Lenovo K900
  1. This guide using method SDCARD FUSE so the first this you must to do is create a folder called “sdfuse” in your built in sd card. 
  2. Download and extract all the download files to it folders for easy organize extract it to on folder ie “K900”, Connect your device to your computer on device screen will be pop up options and select USB storage device. Move all files from K900_1_S_2_019_0113_130903_DVT3_CPU_root extracted folder to “sdfuse” directory.
  3. Move Gapps_K900, Gapps_K900 and Root_Explorer v3.0.1 to your sd card.
  4. After complete move all required files now it time to start the flashing process. 
  5. Turn off your device, wait at least 10 seconds for completely turn off.
  6. Go to Lenovo Recovery Mode, Press and hold Volume Up + Power Button. Wait until droidboot show and release Power Button first then Volume Button. Now you are in Lenovo Recovery Mode for navigate use Volume Button and use Power Button to select.
  7. Select SDUPDATE
  8. Update process will be started, you can see the progress and the update status on the bottom of the screen. When you can see SDCARD UPDATE SUCCESS!!! it indicates that you already success do an update, now reboot your device and wait until completely start.
  9. Change any necessary settings, like change laguage from chinesse to english. See that there is SuperUser icon on your application drawer, Open it to check if there is an update for binary SU and change for a necessary settings.
  10. Now install Root_Explorer v3.0.1
  11. Open Root_Explorer v3.0.1, grant for ROOT access. Using Root_Explorer v3.0.1 copy all files from Gapps_K900 to /System/App. 
  12. Still using Root_Explorer v3.0.1, copy all files from K900_MarketFix to /System/Etc/Permission, and change files permission to “rwx-rx-rx” 
    Guide on How to Rooting + Install Google Apps on Lenovo K900
  13. Reboot your device, Wait while your device optimizing android system files. When completely start you will ask for gmail account, And you already success ROOTED and Install Google Apps on Your Lenovo K900.
  14. Done
Thank You for reading this guide, please don’t hesitate to leave comments when you found some problem regarding this tutorial i will try help you fix the problem. Thank you and don’t forget to share this guide.

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Charles Carmichael
7 years ago

Need help rooting and flashing lenovo A590 also install google apps. Care to help me out?

7 years ago

Sorry for now i don't have guide about lenovo a590, maybe later

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Link dead, pls reupload!

6 years ago

Thank you for your information. I am already update the link, and enjoy the visit