Guide, How to Rooting Lenovo with ROW version Firmware

Guide, How to Rooting Lenovo with ROW version Firmware – After successful upgrade your Lenovo S960 from Jelly Bean to KitKat, you will lose your ROOT access. Using OTA or PC upgrade will lose your ROOT, so you must obtain it again with re Rooting. But problem come Rooting Android KitKat not as easy as Rooting Android Jelly Bean that can be done with one click application. So today on this guide i will show that Rooting Android KitKat is just easy as Android Jelly Bean, this method also can be use for many devices running Android KitKat on just only Lenovo S960. Before following this guide i must warm you that Rooting your device make warranty void, and can make you inadvertent erase your system files.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR). Do your own backup step, to avoid losing data.

Lenovo S960, How to Rooting ROW version Firmware

Requirements :

  • Can be use to another devices, preferred devices that running Android KitKat. 
  • Lenovo using International version, but you can try if you are using china version because failing in Rooting does not harm your devices.
  • May lose device warranty
  • Please enable USB Debugging, go to System Setting ↦ Developer Options tick on USB Debugging
Downloads :
  • MobileUncle v2.9.9 useful tool that can be use to optimize your system, need Root and can inform you are your device ROOTED or Not
  • Lenovo USB Driver v1.0.10 driver for your devices, can be obtain on built in CD ROM inside your devices, but if you harder to find just download and install this.
  • VRoot v1.7.4  this is a rooting application that already modified by javum
Guide, How to Rooting Lenovo with ROW version Firmware
  1. First connect your device and move MobileUncle v2.9.9 to your external SD Card, install and open mobile uncle. Notice on the upper right there is UNROOT  sign, this is means your device is still un root.
    Guide, How to Rooting Lenovo with ROW version Firmware
  2. Turn off devices removable disk, and disconnect your devices. Now install Lenovo USB Driver v1.0.10 to your computer, just follow the process until finsih. When finish connect your devices, computer will initialize and you can see at Device Manager that there is new device add which is Lenovo ADB Device ↦ Lenovo Composite ADB Interface. If you can see this than your already success install driver.
    Guide, How to Rooting Lenovo with ROW version Firmware
  3. Now install VRoot v1.7.4, it will on russian language but don’t worry you don’t need to change any setting just press Next and Next button until finish.
  4. Connect your device and run VRoot v1.7.4, Please disconnect your internet connection when first running this application, so it won’t update the application.
  5. Now just simple press ROOT GREEN button on the bottom left.
    Guide, How to Rooting Lenovo with ROW version Firmware
  6. Wait the process until finish, your device will reboot automatically. VRoot v1.7.4 will display that your device model already successful ROOTED while your device will be reboot.
  7. Disconnect your device and open MobileUncle v2.9.9, notice ROOT sign on the upper right corner.
    Guide, How to Rooting Lenovo with ROW version Firmware

Video Guide :

Congratulations, This is a very easy way to Rooting your device and i hope this guide can help you solve your problem about rooting. Please leave comments about success or not and devices you use so we can know that this guide can work for certain device model. Thank You


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