GTA online is Wiping Players Account for exploiting in-game Money Glitch


Rockstar Games wiping off GTA online player accounts for using ‘Casino Chip Glitch’ which can earn you in-game currency

As you know there are multiple cheats and glitches used in the Online Games. This Glitches and cheats can get you the best in the game but also risky at the same time to get banned by the companies. The companies do not allow any user to exploit their online game and use it.

Companies like Rockstar Games, Tencent Games, Niantic, Supercell, and many more take action to these hacks immediately. However, here Rockstar games have taken an intense action against the player using the Glitch.

The ‘Casino Chip Glitch’ helps the user to earn in-game currency in the GTA online platform. However, Rockstar Games is taking a harsh decision for the users using this glitch.

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According to a Rockstar Games insider, Tez 2, Rockstar is wiping all the data from players’ accounts who are using the latest money glitch. So, everything like cash, characters, progress, and inventories will be just taken away by Rockstar.

“Rockstar Games is in the process of resetting GTA Online characters, progress, and inventory of all the players who have done the casino chip glitch, also known as the latest money glitch. Not a money wipe, a complete reset,” said Tez2 on Twitter.

Tez2 also said in a later tweet that ” It appears some players only had their money wiped, while others received a complete character reset.”

However, other companies might also follow the same technique in the future for the users violating their terms & condition. Moreover, it is not been yet found why Rockstar is wiping only Money in the accounts of some customers. Maybe the penalty would be based on the number of violations filed by the user in the game.

However, it is better to stay away from all these glitches and hacks and enjoy the natural game. Follow Android Rookies for more exciting news about Cybersecurity, and much more.


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