Graphcore releases new GC200 AI chip and M200 new IPU machine that runs on it


Graphcore unveils GC200 AI chip and M2000, a new IPU Machine that runs on it, and claims it achieves a petaflop of processing power “in the size of a pizza box”

A machine learning hardware startup from the United Kingdom,  Graphcore has announced its latest artificial intelligence chip and IPU. Graphcore announced the launch of the new GC200 AI chip, and a new IPU Machine that runs on it, the M2000, which Graphcore  says is the first AI computer to achieve a petaflop of processing power “in the size of a pizza box.”

Graphcore says it will start selling GC200 AI chip powered M2000 IPU machines and added that there are no plans for the GC200 to be sold separately. CEO and co-founder Nigel Toon said the M2000 is now shipping to early access customers and will be more widely available by the end of this year to customers in applications in areas like financial services, healthcare, technology, and more, “wherever AI is used.”

M2000 IPU machines with the GC200 AI chips are the second generation of Graphcore’s hardware to be released. The M2000 IPU Machine uses four of the 7nm GC200 IPU chips, with the GC200 featuring 59.4 billion transistors on each chip.

Graphcore says that up to 64,000 IPUs can be connected together to create a vast parallel processor of up to 16 exaflops of computing power and petabytes of memory to support models with trillions of parameters.

Graphcore has had modest success up to now. It managed to raise $150 million in May at a nearly $2 billion valuation and wants to compete with biggies like Nvidia. Nvidia has also unveiled its own latest chip, the A100, its first Ampere-based GPU that promises 5 petaflops of performance. Nvidia has already claimed its A100 powered Selene supercomputer can achieve 1 exaflop computing.


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