Google’s new Android Performance Tuner boosts gaming performance like never before


Google introduces a new tool Android Performance Tuner that boosts Android gaming

Android vitals is the destination for managing your app’s technical quality. Over 80,000 developers take advantage of its performance and stability metrics every month. While Google has introduced Android Performance Tuner – a new library in the Android Game SDK that unlocks game performance insights in Android Vitals. This gives you a scalable way to measure and optimize your frame rate and graphical fidelity across the whole Android device ecosystem.

The new library allows developers to measure and optimize frame rates and graphics performance on over 99% of the active Android device ecosystem. As long as a user’s device runs Android 4.1 (API 16) and higher, this will be able to measure how well the game is running, including tracking how the frame rate performs throughout each quality level set by the game. Developers can easily implement this library as part of their games and watch the data from devices flow in.

Unity Boat Attack Sample with Different Optimizations

[Source: Google]

The Android Performance Tuner relies on tick functions being called each frame. Within the library, this tick information is aggregated into histograms, which are periodically uploaded through an HTTP endpoint, so your game will need to have the internet access permission. With our plugin for the Unity platform, you can collect frame ticks from Unity 2017.4 onwards. Unity 2019.3.14+ enables the collection of higher-fidelity performance information.


Google has created the Tuning Fork Monitor app to act as a local server and display data from an Android Performance Tuner-enabled app. You can call EnableLocalEndpoint() in the Android Performance Tuner Unity plugin on a development build to enable local testing. In your native integration, you set the endpoint_uri_override in the Android Performance Tuner settings. Once local tests look great, you then enable the Android Performance Parameters API in the Google Cloud Console to test end-to-end.

The Android Performance Tuner is available now to start being integrated into games. It promises to be very helpful, especially to developers who haven’t previously had access to powerful performance analysis metrics themselves. Well, this will boost up the gaming stability and performance for Android users thanks to Google and the game developers. To stay updated on Tech and Cybersecurity news subscribe to our newsletter from here


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