Google’s Gmail Spam Filter isn’t fixed; now it is doing the exact opposite


Google’s Gmail Spam Filter bug is now labeling genuine and important emails as SPAM

We had reported how a bug in Google’s Gmail Spam Filter was allowing spam emails to pass through filters and land in Gmail user’s primary Inbox. This has been happening since July 1. Some users also noted that they received promotional emails directly in their primary inbox. After user complaints on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, Google said that it had fixed the bug but now it seems to doing exact opposite of what it was supposed to do.

Due to the Google Gmail Spam Filter fix, now even primary emails are being labeled as SPAM.

Google's Gmail Spam Filter bug is now labeling genuine and important emails as SPAM

This actually happened to me. An important email from my bank landed in my primary inbox with a huge label saying that the sender of this mail couldn’t be verified. It seems that Gmail’s spam filter fix has now started mislabeling emails.

Yesterday, Gmail spokesperson had released a statement that the glitch is now fixed and dealt with “We have identified and since fixed the issue of a small number of promotional emails and spam being incorrectly sent to users’ primary inboxes. During this time, scans to filter malware and the most egregious spam and harmful content remained fully operational. Additionally, Gmail users remained protected by the many other features such as link protection and download time security scans which apply for messages in the inbox. We have no reason to believe any accounts were compromised as a result. If you happen to notice a suspicious email, we encourage you to report it as spam. More information on how to report spam can be found by visiting our Help Center.”

However, it seems that the glitch is now labeling genuine emails as SPAM. Do write in the comments if you have faced a similar issue.



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