Google working on dual-screen Chromebook codenamed Palkia


Google is working on a dual-screen Chromebook called ‘Project Palkia’ to take on Microsoft’s Surface Neo powered by Windows 10X

Since the launch of Surface laptops, Microsoft has gained an upper hand on Google Chromebook. The recent onslaught of Microsoft Surface, Laptop 2, and dual-screen Surface Neo tablets have meant that Chromebooks have almost disappeared. Google wants to correct this and take on Microsoft and other dual-screen laptops/tablet makers like Asus ZenBook Duo Pro with its own version of dual-screen Chromebook. The Mountain View-based search giant has already started working on a dual-screen Chromebook, according to a Chromium developers website.

The dual-screen Chromebook project is codenamed Palkia and will feature two touchscreens and a trackpad. We even see that fact laid out in the description of a code change, where a developer describes the locations of the chips that control each screen. Project Palkia is still in infancy but it seems like Google plans to use this device to take on the dual-screen Windows devices, including Microsoft’s Surface Neo powered by Windows 10X.

As of now, other than the Chromium website above, nothing is known about Project Palkia. While the code change mentions the device will have two touchscreens and a trackpad, but on the other hand, Project Palkia features a conventional laptop form factor and can’t be used as a convertible or a tablet. If Google is following Microsoft’s Surface Neo design type, it should have two touchscreens working together to take advantage of dual-screen size. But the mention of two touch screen controllers on the Palkia device, one on the lid; another on the base, belies this fact. As things stand now, Project Palkia seems to be a Google experimentation with various form factors before zeroing in on how the dual-screen Chromebook would look.

The developers working with Project Palkia have indicated that the existing prototype has no OEM support. This means that either Project Palkia is just a test project or Google hasn’t yet considered the possibility of mass-producing the dual-screen Chrome OS-powered Chromebook tablet.


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