Google to release a new feature that will allow you search through multiple open Chrome TAB’s


Google Chrome new Tab Search feature now allows you to search throughout your all open tabs

You must have noticed that Google has been introducing multiple features on its Chrome browser. The company has released multiple features recently that help the users to work easier. We also reported, What is Google Nearby Share? a new feature that lets you share files and documents like the popular Apple Airdrop. We also saw how you can now use Biometric Authentication to autofill credit card CVV in Chrome Browser. Now the company has been spotted working on new Tab Search feature now allows you to search throughout your all open tabs.

As spotted by Techtsp, the tech giant Google is set to introduce a new, experimental Tab Search feature #Enable-Tab-Search behind chrome://flags in the coming days. This experimental flag will allow users to enable the Tab Search feature in Top Chrome UI, which will show a popup bubble that allows users to search over their currently open tabs.

However, the feature is still in the development, but as soon as this flag is available, you can enable it in Google Chrome Canary. Let’s take a look at how you can enable the new Tab search feature once it is available.

  • Open Chrome Canary
  • Open chrome://flags
  • Locate Enable Tab Search
  • Set the flag to Enable immediately when a tab is hidden using the drop-down menu
  • Relaunch Chrome.

As the new feature is still in its early days, so it is still unclear when it’s supposed to launch for users. But when it happens, expect it to go live in the Canary build of Chrome first, followed by Dev, beta, and eventually the production build. In addition to opened tabs, the feature will also incorporate Tab Groups and windows in Chrome.

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