Google to hide full URL from Chrome 86 onwards


Google will be hiding the full URL and show only the domain name in Chrome 86 to combat phishing

Google will finally be implementing a plan that it laid out years ago. In the upcoming Chrome 86 version, Google will be testing out hiding full URLs and display on the domain name in the address bar. The Google Chrome version is set to be released in October 2020 to test out whether the users like seeing a site’s domain name without the full URL for pages on that site. For example, this post would appear just as instead of in the Chrome 86.

Google yesterday released the Chrome stable version 84.0.4147.125 for Windows, Linux, and macOS which fixed as many as 14 vulnerabilities including 12 CVEs. Now, Google is planning ahead with Chrome 86 which is due to be released next month. The Google Chrome 86 version will include the throttling of resource-hungry ads. The Chrome 86 will also feature a  “download later” option on Chrome for Android.


The Chrome 86 will also fully support Windows.Gaming.Input API and lazy load. However, the full URL hiding test will only include some “randomly assigned” users of Chrome 86. The test Chrome 86 users will get only the domain URL instead of the full URL. If the user doesn’t like the short URL, right-clicking on the URL address bar will give them the option to choose ‘Always show full URLs’ in the context menu. This will make Chrome show the full URL for all future sites the test user visits.


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