Google postpones Android 11 launch due to riots in America


Google’s Android 11 Beta Launch Show Delayed Amid Protests in the United States

Riots and arson raged across the United States Friday as angry and grieving demonstrators clashed with police, took over busy thoroughfares, stoned and defaced public and private buildings demanding justice for George Floyd, an African-American man killed in police custody in Minneapolis earlier in the week. The riots also hit the White House in Washington DC when protestors burned tires and other flammable materials at the gates. It was immediately put under lockdown by the Secret Service agents guarding President Trump.

The unusual fallout of these riots was Google’s Android 11 launch. The Beta launch of the next-generation Android operating system was postponed by Alphabet, Google’s parent indefinitely. “We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate,” Google said in a message posted on its Android developers website. In a tweet, it said that it will announce more details on the new version of Android “soon,” without specifying any dates.

The Google Android 11 Beta launch originally scheduled to be held virtually at 11 am Eastern Time on June 3, Wednesday. The event was called ‘Android 11: The Beta Launch Show’ and Google was to introduce the new features and tools in the Android 11 operating system which we have already listed here.

Android smartphone watchers were also awaiting Google to announce the release of its next Android smartphone, Pixel 4a. Google earlier this month also released the fourth Android 11 developer preview for Pixel phones which you can read about here.

The first Android 11 operating system beta version was supposed to be released on June 3 but now the release date has been pushed back indefinitely due to the riots in America. The Google Android 11 OS will bring important features like Notification History log, increased touch sensitivity, a native screen recorder, and the option to mute notifications while capturing videos.


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