Google Meet Video Meeting Tool is now free for ALL


Google Meet Video Conferencing Is Now Free For ALL, Here’s How To Get It

As the Coronovirus lockdown is being extended in many parts of the world, one thing that has gained the most traction is the video conferencing tools. As people are forced to sit at home and work from home or work remotely, the video conferencing tool is the sole connecting tool between the business leaders, staffers, co-workers, students, and homemakers.

Due to this need to remain connected, Zoom has shot up in popularity while others like Facebook Messenger Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc. are trying hard for getting the remote work from home and students on their App. We had earlier discussed how Google’s Meet is the best video conferencing tool out there. Now with the increased need for group video calling especially among family members across the globe due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic lockdown, Google has decided to make Google Meet free for everyone till 30th September 2020.

In a direct move to compete with its rival Zoom, Google announced that it is making its premium video conferencing app, Google Meet free for everyone until September 30. The free version of the Google Meet app will be available to everyone with a Google account starting in early May. As said in our earlier article, for Google Meet, you need to have a Gmail account. Those who don’t have a Gmail account won’t be able to join meetings created by individual accounts.

“Today, we’re making Google Meet, our premium video conferencing product, free for everyone, with availability rolling out over the coming weeks,” wrote Javier Soltero, Vice President & GM, G Suite in a blog post.

The availability will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks. This means users might not be able to create meetings at right away. However, users sign up here from today to get notified when their account is eligible for free access. You can also access Google Meet via mobile apps for iOS or Android.


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