Google Meet users Google will now allow you can cast your meeting with Chromecast


Google Meet announces that its users can now cast their meeting to any cast-supported TV

Working from Home or studying from home has become quite common nowadays because of the Coronavirus. If you are working/studying from home and if you don’t have a PC/Laptop then you must know how difficult it is to do things digitally on the small screen. Meanwhile, Google has now introduced a new feature on its video conferencing app Google Meet that will allow users to cast their meetings with Chromecast.

Hi everybody, We’re excited to announce that Google Meet has officially started rolling out on Chromecast and will be rolling out to you all over the next couple days. Earlier this year, we launched Google Meet on Nest Hub Max, and it just felt right to expand Meet to even more screens in your home. With more people spending time at home these days, Meet provides the opportunity to stay connected with family, friends, co-workers, and others.


As you all know it has been 5 months people are forced to stay at home, with schools and colleges going digital is the best solution right now. So this new feature Meet on Chromecast will let you host or join meetings giving you the opportunity to connect with classmates, collaborate on projects, and even attend lectures.

To make it easy and comfortable if you’d like to use a different screen for Google Meet than your computer or mobile device screen, you can cast Meet to your Chromecast, Cast-enabled TVs, or Cast-enabled devices. It is worth knowing that you will still use the camera, microphone, and audio from your computer/smartphone, but you will also see your meeting on the larger screen.

To start casting, you can start casting before you join a meeting or anytime during a meeting. If you want to cast before joining then Open your meeting using Google Calendar or the Meet app >> Select Cast this meeting >> In the Cast tab, select the Cast-enabled device you want to use. If you want to cast during a meeting then In the bottom right, select the 3-dot menu More Cast this meeting >> In the Cast tab, select the Cast-enabled device you want to use. To stop casting your meeting, In the bottom right, select the 3-dot menu More >> Select Stop casting meeting.

This is how you can cast your small screen PC/Laptop or Smartphone to your Chromecast enabled TV and Smart TVs. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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