Google Meet to add background blur and 49-Person Grid View features in its upcoming update


Google Meet to add background blur and 49-Person Grid View features in its upcoming update

As the Coronovirus lockdown is being extended in many parts of the world, one thing that has gained the most traction is the video conferencing tools. As people are forced to sit at home and work from home or work remotely, the video conferencing tool is the sole connecting tool between the business leaders, staffers, co-workers, students, and homemakers.

In a direct move to compete with its rival Zoom, Google announced that it is making its premium video conferencing app, Google Meet free for everyone until September 30. Back in August, Google added Chromecast to its Meet which will let you host or join meetings giving you the opportunity to connect with classmates, collaborate on projects, and even attend lectures.

Coming to the new update Google Meet will now allow its users to see up to 49 people simultaneously in a meeting. In addition, the company will now allow users to blur their backgrounds during a video call. The update has already been rolled out for multiple users and the scheduled release will be starting in the coming weeks.

With this feature, the users can see themselves as a tile on the call, To add yourself in the grid, navigate to the thumbnail in the top right corner, and add yourself. To remove yourself from the grid, follow the same steps.

If you want to use this feature Google then you need to use Meet on your native browser. The company said that by default, the maximum number of tiles turned up on the user account is 9, and in tiled layouts, it is 16. If a user wants to increase or decrease the number of tiles, Meet will provide a slider to do it so. The slider adjustments are specific to each meeting. The feature will be set to OFF by default, and users can go to Settings > Change Layout to adjust them.

The update is expected to be launched in a phased manner on different platforms so we can expect the support of the features on the smartphones in the coming weeks. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by following us on Google News.


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