Google Maps is testing to bring a dedicated UI based on Car Mode with bigger buttons


Google Maps is testing to bring a dedicated UI based on Car Mode with bigger buttons

As you all know that Google added a COVID-19 tracking system to the Maps that shows the information on a percentage of the hotels open with the availability and users will be able to check if the flights are operating in the city or county.

As reported by Android Police, Google has started testing a new car mode UI for the navigation app to a handful of users via a server-side switch, and it brings bigger buttons to help users easily navigate through the app while they’re driving. You must be knowing that Google already has an in-car navigation UI which is called Android Auto and can be said as the Assistant Driving Mode.

With this new addition to Google Maps, it seems to be implementing a very similar concept of Android Auto. The new UI incorporates elements from Android Auto’s current Google Maps app like its buttons and home screen. While the main maps screen and navigation remain.

The update Google Maps app now has two buttons, the left microphone button will activate the Google Assistant while the right menu button will show a new screen. unchanged, including the music controls shortcut at the bottom, what has changed is the bottom app bar.

Google Maps car mode

The “home screen” essentially is the dashboard where you can access essential apps for music, calls, and messages, just like Android Auto. If you select the “Calls” option, it will display the three recent contacts or three most contacted. It also allows you to “call someone else”, which lets you scroll your contact directory.

The new car mode UI is still being tested as a server-side switch by Google for some users. There is no apk out yet to force the UI change, so we have to wait until testing is complete before Google rolls it out to everyone. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by following us on Google News.


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