Google is shutting down Google Photos just four months after launch


Google suddenly decides to shutter Google Photos just 4 months after launch

This is one hell of news from the House of Alphabet. Google has decided to shutter a feature which it had launched with great fanfare just four months ago in February 2020. I am talking about Google Photos feature which Alphabet had launched to fill the photo printing space. Surprisingly, Google’s photo printing App which was supposed to go premium from July 2020 is being wound up.

At the end of this month, Google is ending its automatic photo printing subscription service. This February, selected US-based Google Photos users were invited to join a trial service that each month automatically selects and delivers ten of their best photos in the form of physical prints.

Google Photos allowed users to subscribe to an $8/month printing service that would let the users take a printout of the photos in their photo gallery and have it delivered to their residence address. It was launched initially as a free service and was supposed to be replaced by a $7.99 monthly subscription model on July 1, 2020.

Now Google is sending out emails to users who subscribed for Google Photos saying that it will wind up Google Photos on June 30.

Thank you for your invaluable feedback these last several months. You have provided us with a lot of helpful information about how we can evolve this feature, which we hope to make more widely available. Please keep your eyes open for future updates. Although we will be ending the trial program, we hope that you have experienced some joy from the prints you received along the way.

Google email to Google Photos subscribers

Google doesn’t give any reason or explanation for the winding up of Google Photos. This is particularly surprising as App showed a great promise and helped users take printouts of their favorite images without leaving their couch.


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