Google introduces earthquake alerts and detection system for Android Smartphones


Tech giant Google releases a new feature that will allow Android users to detect earthquake

If you are an Android user then now you will be able to detect an earthquake, thanks to Google, for introducing earthquake alerts and detection features. The first part of the feature has already started rolling out. If you opt-in to experience the feature, the accelerometer in your Android phone will become one data point for an algorithm designed to detect earthquakes. Eventually, that system will automatically send warnings to people who could be impacted.

The ShakeAlert-based warning technology uses seismometer data to warn you about quakes as soon as they’re detected, potentially giving you valuable seconds to take cover. According to the development of the feature, it was revealed that Android version 6 and above smartphone users will be able to use this feature. There will be a fullscreen red alert that notes the estimated magnitude and how many miles away, as well as Drop, Cover, and Hold instructions.

The company is rolling out the system in a phased manner. Initially, Google is partnering with the United States Geological Survey and the California Office of Emergency Services to send the agencies’ earthquake alerts to Android users in that state and will go further worldwide.

Google introduces earthquake alerts and detection system for Android Smartphones

Google’s detection system uses your phone’s accelerometer to help form an earthquake detection network. If your phone detects the possible first wave of an earthquake, it sends data to a Google quake detection service that uses crowdsourced info to determine if there are tremors. However, establishing a ground network of seismometers is not always possible. Google wants to address that problem with the “Android Earthquake Alerts System.”

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