Google Home Hub broadcasts footage from someones Nest security camera


Google Home Hub Shows Someone else’s Nest Cam Footage” On Family’s Device sparking cybersecurity and privacy fears

Google Home Hub is marketed by Google as a total family assistant. Google Home Hub which has been rebranded as Google Next Hub is a powerful home assistant that helps to organize your day, connect your smart devices, and provides the information of the internet, all with the command of your voice. But what happens when your Google Home Hub suddenly starts streaming random video from some stranger on your device. Frightening isn’t it?

This is what happened to Redditor, The_Mustard_Tiger who started receiving a video stream from some strangers Nest Cam to his Google Home Hub screen. Shocked about this, the Redditor made a thread citing cybersecurity and privacy issues.

[My] wife was sitting at the kitchen table and saw this pop up,” the Reddit user reported. “She thought maybe it was an ad but I’m thinking it’s legit [sic]someone else’s cam showing up on our screen. She said she watched a guy walk up to the door before deciding to record what was happening to her iPhone. This is what she caught. Is it your house?! It sure ain’t mine! We don’t own a nest cam short of the one inside the google home max in our kitchen.

The Mustard Tiger

The Mustard Tiger also uploaded the video that his wife took of the incident:

Is this your house? Random nest cam on my google home!?

The thread immediately went viral on Reddit with nearly 700 upvotes. The issue seems to a security breach of the Google Nest servers and very serious cybersecurity issue. The breach doesn’t just affect The Mustard Tiger but also millions of other Google Nest users whose data and video can be sent to anybody not connected with them.

A Google employee, Rachel joined the Reddit thread and asked The Mustard Tiger to contact the Google Nest Team through Reddit DM and explain the issue.

Google Nest isn’t without problems. Earlier Google had patched a bug in Nest camera software that allowed previous owners of devices to continue watching footage from the new owner, even after they had deregistered the device.

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A Google spokesperson said: “We are aware of this report and are actively investigating.”


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