GitHub reinstates Popcorn Time’s repository despite MPA takedown notice


GitHub reinstates Popcorn Time’s Git after they filed a counternotice arguing that they own the code

The MPA or Motion Pictures Association has been at the forefront of fighting the never-ending war with torrent and pirate websites. MPA is an alliance of 5 movie studios from the United States and includes Netflix. Earlier in the month, MPA served a takedown notice to GitHub to remove the Gits of Popcorn Time. GitHub at that time acted on the takedown notice and remove the Popcorn Time repository.

However, after Popcorn Time argued that the code was fully owned by it and had nothing to do with the MPA, GitHub reinstated the repository today. Popcorn Time told GitHub that the Gits on its GitHub repo had nothing to do with piracy and fully owned by it.

MPA has changed tracks since it began to hunt down torrent and pirate websites. Earlier it used to file takedown notices with Googe, Bing, and other search engines to take down the pirate and torrent websites. Now it has decided to go after the companies themselves in a hope that getting GitHub to delete repositories could stop the pirates from working on coding of pirate and streaming websites.

Two weeks back it had similarly served a takedown notice on Kodi add-on repository of Mr.Blamo.

MPA v/s Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time and MPA have been at loggerheads for more than a decade. Popcorn Time which is also known as ‘Netflix for Pirates’ offers an easy-to-use Popcorn Time App that streams movies and TV shows. This puts it in direct confrontation with MPA and other anti-pirate groups. As said above, MPA wants to strangle Popcorn Time by going after its code. PopcornTime has its own open-source code page on GitHub that allows other pirates and coders to download, modify, and share it.

MPA had last month written to GitHub to takedown the Popcorn Time git.

MPA v/s Popcorn Time

The MPA even made GitHub an accessory to the copyright infringement notice if it fails to take action against Popcorn Time. GitHub removed the git as asked by MPA. The Popcorn Time git owners filed a counternotice as is allowed against the removal. “The code is 100 % ours and do not contain any copyright [sic]material please check again,” Popcorn Time wrote.

GitHub took cognizance of Popcorn Time’s argument and reinstated the repository. MPA is sure to take further action in this cat and mouse game. Time to grab your popcorn!


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