GitHub reinstates ‘Chimera13’ iOS Jailbreak tool page after it files a DMCA counter-reply


Jailbreak rivalry: GitHub had removed Chimera13 iPhone jailbreak tool’s Git page after unc0ver filed a DMCA complaint; now reinstated after Chimera13 files a counter-reply

When Chimera13’s GitHub repository page was taken down on last month, everyone thought that GitHub was acting on the DMCA complaint by Apple. But it is a case of jailbreaking team’s sibling rivalry.

Last month ‘Chimera 13’ jailbreak tool’s public repository was taken down by GitHub based on a DMCA complaint by rival jailbreak tool maker, unc0ver. Chimera13 is an iOS jailbreaking tool developed by UC Santa Barbara alumni “CoolStar.”

The DMCA takedown notice was sent by the Unc0ver team and claimed that Coolstar stole and leaked a copy of the private unc0ver repository. “We have compared the infringing repository against the stolen source code and have verified that the work was based on the source code stolen from the Unc0ver Team,” the notice read.

GitHub immediately acted on the unc0ver’s DMCA complaint and took down the Chimera13 git. However, it was reinstated when Chimera13 filed a satisfactory counter-reply to unc0ver’s allegations.

Chimera13 developer, Coolstar accused the unc0ver team of knowingly submitting a false DMCA. He added that the unc0ver team committed perjury by lying under oath in the DMCA notice as copyright claims are incorrect.

“The code for Chimera13 is original code that I have written in Swift that relies primarily on the public techniques,” Coolstar wrote, pointing out the various pieces of open source and publicly available code that’s included. “The only 3rd-party code in this repository is Jake James’ time_waste exploit. However, this is under an open-source license (GPL),” he added, pointing GitHub to the license in question.

GitHub has now reinstated the Chimera13’s Git.


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