GitHub is now free for all developer teams; adds new features for Android smartphone users


GitHub is now free: The global depository for Gits makes all of its core features free for all users and adds new features to its Android app

Working from home or remote working during these Corona Virus pandemic times just got inexpensive for developers. The world’s top depository for gits, GitHub has made some of its core premium features free for everyone. GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft said that any organization can now make private repositories for development without paying any fees. This means that the depository is now free for developers working from home.

As of yesterday, GitHub use to charge $7 a month for premium plans if a firm wanted to host its private development on GitHub. Last year, the company made private repositories available for the free tier, users but with restrictions such as the number of collaborators. GitHub also allowed free private repositories for teams with up to three collaborators. Now, GitHub has announced that all of its core features will be available for free to all users. The Android app has also received a minor update that addresses several complaints on the app.

Apart from private repository access, a team can also get 2,000 GitHub action minutes per month at no cost. GitHub’s latest announcement means that all users, including those currently on free accounts, can now have free unlimited private repositories with unlimited collaborators for all.

The new fee structure for GitHub

  • GitHub Free for organizations is immediately available and includes private repositories for unlimited users
  • All organizations previously using Team for Open Source now have GitHub Free
  • Free tier for individual developers now includes unlimited collaborators
  • Organizations and individuals using Free tier will receive Community Support
  • Pro tier will now include 2GB of Packages storage and 10GB of data transfer
  • Pro tier now has a reduced monthly price of $4
  • Team tier now has a reduced monthly price of $4 per user with no minimum seat requirement
  • Team tier will include 3,000 Actions minutes per month for private repositories after May 14

source: XDA Forums.


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