Get information of any person on the internet by using Kali Linux and OSINT


How to find any person on the internet by using OSRFRAMEWORK?

OSRFramework is a set of libraries to perform OSINT or Open Source Intelligence tasks. They include references to a bunch of different applications related to username checking, DNS lookups, information leaks research, deep web search, regular expressions extraction, and many others. This framework collects data from different platforms in very less time with more information. As commented by the researcher of the International Institute of Cyber Security, information gathering is a very important phase of any pen-testing and this tool is a value add for protesters.

Note: The tutorial is shared only for educational purposes, using this tutorial to harm others is illegal and can land you in jail

System requirements: 

OS: Kali Linux 2019.3 64 bit
Kernel version: 5.2.0

How to install OSRFRAMEWORK and find information on any person on the internet?

  1. Use this command to clone the project.
  2. git clone
  3. Use the cd command to enter into OSRFRAMEWORK directory
  4. Next, use this command to install the requirements pip3 install osrframework
    1. [email protected]:/home/cybersecurity/osrframework # pip3 install osrframework
  5. Now, use this command to find the help option of Osrframework, ‘osrf -h’
  6. Alias Generator: Using this OSRFramework tool we can generate alias names by providing the required details ex “Name”, “surname”, “City” and, “Country”. Then it generates fake names
  7. Next, use this command to find help options -h
  8. Now, use this command to run alias generator
  9. We will be using arbitrary names for testing purposes.
  10. It will generate alias names and will be saved in the output.txt file.
  11. Use the cat command to view the alias names.
  12. Next, use this command to find Domainpy help -h
  13. Now, use this command -n google -o google
    1. -n = name of the domain
    2. -o = save the file name
  14. Here, we got the results of google’s domain. with IP addresses
  15. Next, use this command to find the Emailpy help options -h
  16. Now, use this command to collect the valid emails -n nandu -o and
    1. -n = name
    2. -o = save output data
  17. We can also specify the required platform to be collected by using option -p
  18. Next, use this command to find searchfy help options -h
  19. Use this command to search for the profiles -q “papi” -o papi
  20. Now, copy the URL and open in browsers to verify the results.
  21. Successfully we got the results of the user.

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