German doctors are posing naked to protest against shortage of protective gear (PPE)


Blanke Bedenken or Naked Concerns is a nude protest by German doctors urging politicians to ensure doctors and clinics have enough protective gear

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every one of us. But the most vulnerable are the doctors and other healthcare workers who form a wall between us and the COVID-19.  They not only have to make sure the CoronaVirus infected patients are quarantined and treated but also have to worry about their own safety. We already have cases where the doctors/nurses and other healthcare workers getting infected either because the patient didn’t disclose he/she was suffering from Coronavirus like symptoms or because of lack of protective gear.

What is PPE?

PPE or personal protective equipment is equipment to protect the doctor or the nurse against health or safety risks from infections at work. It includes items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, and safety harnesses. It also includes respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Since Coronavirus is a fast infecting disease spreading through human transmission, it is important that all health workers around the world have PPE to protect themselves. After all, if the doctors themselves fall ill, who will look after us. Considering that COVID-19 has no vaccine and has a high fatality rate makes it imperative for the government/hospitals to provide the doctors/nurses and other healthcare workers to have PPEs while working.

PPE shortage in Germany

As is usually the case, the politicians don’t pay attention to the needs of the doctors and are always lethargic. German politicians are no different. The doctors in Germany are exposed to the Coronavirus pandemic because they have no masks, gloves, and goggles they need to stay safe during the pandemic.

What is Blanke Bedenken or Naked Concerns

The German health-care workers have bandied to launch an online movement called Blanke Bedenken, or Naked Concerns, to demand more personal protective equipment (PPE) so they can stay healthy while treating patients with COVID-19. They have even made their own website, Blankebedenken to make the politicians aware of their plight.

“To treat you safely, we and our team need protective equipment,” they write on the group’s website. “When we run out of what little we have, we look like this,” they add, above a gallery of photos.

The website has tens of photos of German doctors of various ages in different medical settings, with stethoscopes around their necks and other items carefully positioned to cover their nudity. It’s their unique way of making the German politicians aware of their vulnerability to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The nudity is a symbol of how vulnerable we are without protection,” said general practitioner Ruben Bernau in the Ärztezeitung.

One of doctors has posted a photograph with her holding a sign that says she was “trained to sew up wounds” and now she asks “Why am I now sewing my own face mask?”

A doctor in Germany calls for more PPE to fight the coronavirus pandemic.
The Blankebedenken group says it got the nude photo idea from a doctor named Alain Colombie, a 61-year-old who posed naked to demand more PPE in France last month. Colombie started posting photographs of him naked with an armband and a message “cannon fodder” written on it.
The group has also asked Germans to sign a petition demanding more PPE from government leaders.

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