#GeorgeFloydProtests, Hackers are trying to bring down #BlackLivesMatter websites


#GeorgeFloydProtests: Hackers are trying to DDoS Black Lives Matter Groups websites

You may be aware that since the custodial murder of African American George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, the United States is on a boil. As soon as the news of the death of Floyd became public, thousands of ordinary Americans took out protests in large cities and in small towns. The Anonymous hacktivists collective, which had been missing in action since 2016, also sprang into action and took down the Minneapolis Police Department website, the United Nations website, the Chicago PD police scanners, and also leaked the Jeffery Epstein’s Little Black Book diary.

The George Floyd murder also brought various #BlackLivesMatter or BLM groups based in America and the rest of the world into focus. The Black Lives Matter groups used their websites and social media influence to make people aware of the truth about Floyd’s murder.

However, the coin always has two sides. In this case, the second side tried to bring down as many Black Lives Matter websites as possible through DDoS attacks. This was revealed today by the leading CDN provider, Cloudflare.

Cloudflare analyzed malicious HTTP requests it blocked across the weekend of April 25/26 versus a month later (May 30/31). Remember, Minneapolis resident George Floyd was killed on May 25, sparking a wave of violence and protests across the US over the succeeding days.

Since that day, Cloudflare has claimed to have blocked 135.5 billion illegal requests suggesting a 17% increase on the 116.3 billion blocked in the April weekend. That’s a month-on-month increase of over 19 billion attack requests.

The firm said that Sunday, May 31 recorded an even higher month-on-month increase, of 26%, in attempted attacks. Most of these attacks were directed at the Black Lives Matter websites supporting the protests. Cloudflare notes that BLM groups and advocacy groups were subjected to 1120 times attacks after the George Floyd murder.

“In fact, those groups went from having almost no attacks at all in April to attacks peaking at 20,000 requests per second on a single site One particular attacker, likely using a hacked server in France, was especially persistent and kept up an attack continuously hitting an advocacy group continuously for over a day. We blocked those malicious HTTP requests and kept the site online.”


Cloudflare has special initiative called Project Galileo to protect the Black Lives Matter websites. Project Galileo is specifically designed to prevent attacks from White Supremacist groups on BLM websites.

There are many organizations fighting racism who participate in Project Galileo. Over the last week we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of cyber-attacks against them. Unfortunately, if recent history is any guide, those who speak out against oppression will continue to face cyber-attacks that attempt to silence them.

Advocacy groups promoting the Black Lives Matter message weren’t the only recipients of DDoS attacks during the period. Cloudflare said it also recorded a 1.8-times increase in attacks on government sites and a 3.8-times increase in malicious traffic targeting military sites during the same period. The attack on government websites seems to be the handiwork of BLM supporters like Anonymous and other hackers.


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