Gamers, here is how can still get the Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 for free


Gamers did you miss Ubisoft’s Forward? Here is how you can still get Watch Dogs 2 game download for Free

Ubisoft held a digital preference conference, Ubisoft Forward yesterday. It was pre-announced that anyone taking part in the Forward conference would get the Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 game download for free.

Ubisoft’s Forward was held yesterday and it made several announcements around its upcoming video games including its new Battle Royale Hyper Scape. Though Ubisoft had announced that it will be giving away free downloads of Watch Dogs 2 to users who watched the live event and logged into their Uplay accounts, a glitch prevented several gamers from claiming the Watch Dogs 2 game download yesterday. This happened because most gamers could not log into their UPlay accounts. Ubisoft had stated that it was aware of the login issues faced by users and that it was working to resolve the problem during the broadcast. However, you can still claim your free Watch Dogs 2 game download.

How to get Watch Dogs 2 free?

It so happens that you didn’t need to have watched Ubisoft Forward to claim your free Watch Dogs 2 game download. Ubisoft is giving away Watch Dogs 2 Free to all users who have an Uplay account. So even if you couldn’t log into your Uplay account yesterday during Ubisoft Forward, now is your chance to download the game straight away.  those who weren’t able to log into their accounts.

Ubisoft also posted a tweet through its official Ubisoft Support handle confirming that the Ubisoft Forward rewards will be given out even to those users who were not able to log in during the event.

How to download Watch Dogs 2 game

Ubisoft has now launched a new webpage where all the Uplay account holders can log in to claim the promised rewards. You need to click on the link here to claim and download your free Watch Dogs 2 game. Remember, you have only today to claim the free copy of the video game as per Ubisoft FAQs

When you download Watch Dogs 2, you will also get a sneak preview of the upcoming Ubisoft Watch Dogs: Legion. We have already detailed how you can get a free Hyper Scape Technical Test version download here. Go this link and download Watch Dogs 2 now.


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