Forced Microsoft Edge opening during Windows 10 2004 boot? Here is how you can stop it


How to stop Microsoft Edge from starting during the Windows 10 2004 boot sequence

It is now clear that Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 2004 update users to use Microsoft’s Edge browser instead of Google’s Chrome. But it seems that the new May 2020 Windows 10 2004 update has gone a step further in pimping Microsoft Edge to Windows 10 users. If you start your Windows 10 with the 2004 version, you will notice that the Microsoft Edge is automatically starting. In this article, we give you a way to stop the Microsoft Edge from loading at the boot sequence.

This all started when Microsoft migrated the Edge browser to Chromium engine and made it available for everyone updating to the Windows 10 2004 version. The new Chromium-based Edge browser replaces the existing Edge legacy version as the new default on Windows 10. Some geeks call it a forced update meant to deprecate Google Chrome and make Windows 10 users use Microsoft’s Edge browser. You can, however, open Google Chrome and select it as the default browser in the Windows 10 2004 version.

But the problem we are dealing with is totally different. Even after making Google Chrome the default browser, many Windows 10 2004 users found that the Microsoft Edge was still loading during the boot sequence making them stick with the Microsoft Edge browser.

It seems the Microsoft engineers have left some setting incomplete in the Windows 10 2004 version which lets the new Microsoft Edge Chromium version browser to automatically start when booting into Windows 10 2004. This happens even though the Windows 10 users have not specifically configured Edge to do it.

In layman terms, when you start your updated Windows 10 2004 version, the Microsoft Edge automatically launches too.

Here is how you can stop Microsoft Edge from automatically starting at the Windows 10 boot

If you don’t want Microsoft Edge to start at the boot sequence and delay your Windows 10 PC/laptop from starting, head over to Task Manager. You can do that simply right-clicking the taskbar > Task Manager or by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and selecting Task Manager in the window.

Now head over to Startup Tab in the Task Manager. You will find the new Microsoft Edge enabled in this window. Disable it by unchecking the checkbox next to it if you don’t wish the Microsoft Edge to start at the Windows 10 startup.

Why is this happening?

Microsoft says this is a bug and it is investigating what causes it. But from the looks of it, some Microsoft engineer forgot to close all flags in the newly minted Microsoft Edge browser. when a new product is being tested, all the flags are kept open to give immediate access to the engineers to see the interoperability of the product. As the product gets ready for beta testing and release, these flags are closed. The Microsoft Edge starting during Windows 10 2004 launch seems to a product of this error.

This is further confirmed by the reports that this Microsoft Edge starting at Windows 10 startup only affects users whose Windows 10 PC/laptops were automatically updated Windows 10 2004 version via Windows Update. Microsoft has given a detailed workaround for this issue.


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