How to Flash/Root Android smartphone: Moto G5


Guide for flashing/rooting Android smartphone Moto G5

Motorola Android smartphone launched its flagship phone Moto G5 with best features and a best budget Android smartphone in 2017. Getting root access on Moto G5 is possible as you can personalize your Moto G5 by rooting. The advantage of rooting your Moto G5 is you can customize your Android smartphone the way you want it to look like

In this article, we will guide you how to flash/root your Android smartphone: Moto G5.

Note: Flashing/rooting your Android smartphone voids warranty and not following the flashing/rooting procedure properly may brick your Moto G5 plus Android smartphone.

How to Root the Motorola Moto G5

1.On your computer, you first have to get the required root files. Download the file and Magisk package.

2.Save these files on the desktop.

3.Switch on your phone and connect it with your computer; ensure the connection by using your phone’s USB cable.

4.Next, transfer the downloaded files from desktop to the internal storage of your smartphone.

5.When done, remove the USB cord as the computer is no longer required.

6.Switch off your Moto G5 and also wait while the shut down process is completed.

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7.Now, reboot recovery mode menu on your Android device.

8.From recovery tap on Install and pick up the file. Swipe in order to flash this package.

9.Then, go back to main menu of recovery and select Reboot->System.

10.Afterwards, reboot recovery mode once more on your smartphone – don’t skip the reboot process though if you want to avoid possible unpleasant situations.

11.This time you have to install the Magisk package – just use the step explained above.

12.When done, reboot your smartphone.

13.Run the Magisk app from the app drawer and if asked update the software.

14.Done, You have successfully rooted your Moto G5


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