Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM

26 Mar 2014
Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM

Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM – Flashing is the last modified that we can do to optimize your android smartphone, it has high risk to brick your device. Today i gone share tutorial / guide on how to flashing Lenovo S920, If you already read my post about Re-partition Internal Memory Lenovo S920 then you already know about flashing lenovo device. Basically same but need modified on some step.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.

Requirements :
Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM
  1. After finishing download all file needed for this tutorial, Extract it on same folder. So you will have MTK6589 Driver, S920_ROW_S110_20130515 and SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119 folders.
    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM
  2. Now it time for installing MTK6589 Driver to your computer. Go to MTK6589 Driver folder and double click Install_driver.exe, if there is any windows security warning, just click Install this driver software anyway. 
    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM
  3. Confirm it with click Exit. After finish installation please reboot your computer first to avoid problem.
    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM
  4. Check status for MTK6589 Driver is successfully installed or not. Turn off your Lenovo S920 and remove the battery then plug in to your computer, wait until your computer finish installing driver. Now go to My computer > Manage > Device Manager look for MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port if you found it then your MTK6589 Driver successfully installed if not then repeat step 2-4. 
    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM
  5. Unplug your device, Go to folder SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119 and run Flash_tool.exe using administrator right. Please give check on DA DL All With Check Sum. 
    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM
  6. Click on Scatter-loading buttons, and find MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file in ROM’s folder. (target_bin/)
    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM
  7. If already set and ok click Download button. Then connect your Lenovo S920 that already turn off and remove battery to your computer using usb cable. If already run perfectly the you will be notice that there is Red Bar below flash tool. After a minute or two Yellow Bar this means it on progress wait until finish, don’t interrupt or your device will be brick. 
    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM

    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM

    Flashing Lenovo S920, Stock ROM
  8. Done, unplug your device. Confirm it firmware version from System Settings > About.
Congratulations !! You already success flashing Lenovo S920 i hope this tutorial can be useful, Thank you for reading this tutorial, please don’t hesitate to leave a comments and if you think this tutorial is helpful please share it.
  1. Hi andy,
    I just try to flas my s920 and at number 7 step, i stuck when hit Download button and popup error message :

    Image PRELOAD checksum failed! Checksum reference value(0x69c3) in the config ini file.
    Please re-fill correct checksum values in Checksum.INI under tool folder and re-load scatter file again!
    Image ANDROID checksum failed! Checksum reference value(0x9038) in the config ini file.
    Please re-fill correct checksum values in Checksum.INI under tool folder and re-load scatter file again!

    Please help me bro 🙂


    1. hi andy…
      i still cannot flash my s920 yet…still get error…
      and the worst part, i hit firmware upgrade instead of Download on sp flash tools :((

      now my s920 cannot on..i read on google for the cause maybe problem with the preloader file..but i cant find any solution yet…

      if u know something i can do to make my s920 back to life? 🙂

      thanks in advance andy… 🙂

    2. My computer just detect my s920 as Media Tek USB Device..
      What ROM i need to flash?
      for now…when i follow this tutorial…
      i get this error –>
      [EMI] ENABLE DRAM Failed
      Hint: Please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.

      That the error and a hint pop up from the Sp Flash tools.

      hope u have some idea to help me 🙂

    3. Yup..I turn off my device and remove the battery….
      when i hit download and connect my phone to laptop, the progress bar become red till 100% , the error pop up out…
      [EMI] ENABLE DRAM Failed
      Hint: Please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.

    4. Try remove all sp flash tool folder, download again and extract again. And try to remove all lenovo s920 driver and install again, also vcom usb preloader driver too. Or if you can download the new version on sp flash tool. Don't forget to check da dl with all check sum

    1. Hi,
      I think my repartition method for lenovo s920 is flashing a lenovo s920 rom that already been modified, this rom cannot be install using zip method, but after you flashing another rom the partition will return like default unless you install ota update i think.

  2. hello andy suwito, im faez… my phone have a problem when i follow this step.. after finish flash my phone, my phone can switch on normally… LK image incorrect be appears on my screen and after 10 seconds my phone was shutdown…

  3. hye andy..i have problem with my phone.on the first slot i cant get 3g signal.but when i use my simcard at samsung phone,it have 3g line.i dont think it cause by line coverage at my area.if i follow the step above,will it fix my problem??

    1. To know you have cn firmware or row firmware, look at about phone. System setting->about phone,
      Try like this set to only use 3G, go to system setting ->mobile network -> network mode -> select sim -> select only use wcdma. It will only use 3g connection onnselected sim.
      Cwm and carliv have the same use, not need to change to carliv if you already use cwm.

  4. my phone already bricked before i follow the steps above.then i have done all steps above, but after red bar,it said need to hit upgrade instead of download.but it didnt work too.so i try reinstall all the file again.and it wont detect my phone anymore.how can i unbricked my phone?

    1. SP FLASH TOOL ERROR : (8038)
      [android download] PMT ia ready and layout has been changed!
      [HINT]: please use firmware upgrade instead of download to avoid important data lost.

      What I have to do??? Please help

  5. I have press the firmware upgrade but now another problem
    Readback from flash fail. Press CTRL+Alt+T to turn on debug log then reproduce again
    [HINT]: BROM_DLL_V5.log and BROM_DLL.log would be created and record more detail information


  6. hello sir,i bricked my device before and send it to the repair service's, they done repairing it but i've noticed that its rom is not same as before.it also dont have google play until i found your tutorial.and thnks it worked.i just wondering if i shoud consider it a stock rom or not,and if i ever brick my device again,can i flash it using rom that im using now ?because i just did backup to this rom using your method sir.thank you.

    1. Lenovo has 2 type firmware, first is china firmware without google play and the second is international firmware with google play and many languages. All my firmware is official realease bith china and international, for S920 you can follow this http://bit.ly/18s9nBy, it the new update for S920 and with google play. As long as your computer can detect your device you can still fix your device

  7. hello andy, i have upgraded my phone to 4.4 kitkat using yoour instruction in your post on update lenovo s920 to 4.4 kitkat. it worked so perfectly. but i got my phone lag and so many problem. the camera quality also very low. so can i flashing my phone to 4.2.1 jellybean back? which rom i should use? china or international rom?

    1. tq for your reply. now my phone running on android 4.4 kitkat. by flashing using this stock rom , does it make my phone running on android jellybean back? i'm sorry because im just too new in android flashing and others.

    1. unknown baseband and invalid imei 🙁 i think i cannot repair this, i did do use inifinity box, volcano box, sigma box but nothing happens. 🙁 i reflash it stock rom but same problem. mobile uncle, imei.exe, replace MP01 nothing happens 🙁 master andy can you help me?

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