Fix WhatsApp Inaccurate Date/Time Error on Android


Sometimes a bug in WhatsApp annoys the users by displaying an error that reads “Your phone date is inaccurate”. If you are seeing this error on your device as well, then the chances are that you already have checked the date and time settings on your device. If you have checked the date and time settings and adjusted the date but still the bug is there, then you have to update the WhatsApp version on your device. Unluckily, WhatsApp doesn’t explain the actual issue, i.e. to update the version, instead, it asks you to check for the date and time settings.

Here are the two ways to update WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device.

Install from Google Play

To update the messenger to latest (stable) release, open Google Play Store app on your device and search for WhatsApp. After finding it in the store, simply update the version. That should fix the issue.

Update with APK

If your device doesn’t support Google Play Store official app, then you will have to install the update through WhatsApp’s APK file. You can download the latest APK file of WhatsApp here and install it to upgrade the app to its latest version. Remember that you will have to enable ‘Unknown sources’ in security settings of your Android device or the operating system will not let you install the app with an APK file.

The upgrade to the latest available version should fix this issue for the majority of the users. If the issue is still there after these attempts, then we will assume that your device’s date and time isn’t accurate. You will have to precisely check for the date and time settings on your device. Don’t forget to check the timezone as well as the time format to ensure that the date and time setting is accurate.


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