Five top really FREE and best Anti-virus Apps for Android smartphones for 2020


5 Best and Really FREE Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs Apps for 2020

Having anti-virus software on your Android smartphones is very important especially when you download tonnes of materials from the Internet. The malware, virus, trojans can come in different forms – through an APK, through email attachments,  through torrents or through websites. Sometimes, some Apps legally available on Google Play Store also bring in malware. Therefore having a anti-viurs App is very important for Android smartphone users.

Now that we have decided that the anti-virus App is important for your Android smartphone. Choosing the best anti-virus isn’t necessarily an easy job. There are tonnes of good as well as bad anti-virus Apps available for Android smartphones. Choosing the right anti-virus for your smartphone is important for your smartphone as well as pockets. You need a FREE antivirus App that does the right things in protecting your Android smartphone as well as no as hard on your memory.

We bring you the top 5 really free Antivirus Apps for your Android smartphone. These are really free and hog less memory/resources. They also offer the best protection against malware/adware and other junkware that inhabit Android smartphones.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is an ad-free, no-nonsense free Android antivirus app. It’s the perfect choice if you want an antivirus app that sits quietly on your device without consuming battery life or resources while guaranteeing protection. You can download the Bitdefender Antivirus Free from here.

2. Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus provides on-demand and real-time malware protection for Android devices. Avira’s Antivirus is the focus on privacy protection features include the following

Permissions Manager. Keep track of how apps access your data.
Identity Protection. Check if your email address has been stolen in a data breach.
App Lock. Add additional security to your most private apps.

Other free features from Avira Antivirus include tools to protect against loss and theft, the ability to block unwanted calls and texts, and a VPN with up to 100 MB of data per day. You can get Avira Antivirus here.

3. Ahnlabs V3 Security

Ahnlabs security has been awarded the best anti-virus for Android smartphones by AV-Test. It comes with its own App booster, App Lock and real-time monitoring of your Android smartphone. IT also has a feature called Your Own Privacy Advisor which informs you about what each installed app can do like administrator permissions, app payments, location tracking, tapping, contacts access and other sensitive information

You can download the Ahnlabs V3 Antivirus here.

4. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus provides a generous range of free features that scan devices for viruses and other malware, locate devices via GPS and safely browse the web. It also has a very strong anti-phishing mechanism that detects phishing emails in your email folder. You can download the ESET Mobile Security for your smartphone here. Android smart TV owners can download their App here.

5. Antiy AVL Pro Antivirus

Antiy antivirus has featured in the AV-Test scores on multiple factors. It offers you realtime protection against malware, trojans, worms and adware. It has a unique security framework based on the AVL engine. Programmers and developers will like it because it also gives an analysis of an app, explores the APK package, disassembles the DEX binary, and analyses the Opcode data.

You can download the AVL Pro Antivirus here.

All the anti-virus listed above does the same work – protecting your Android smartphone from malware. The methods and features may differ. The above 5 are really free and don’t come with a ‘buy me to get advanced features’ tab. They are tested for their speed, protection, performance and usability. And above all they are FREE. Protect your smartphone by downloading one of the five av products given above for your own protection.


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