First looks of 5G, expected launch date’s and more


What is 5G? is 5G faster than google’s optical fiber?

Having 2G, 3G or 4G is one of the greatest controversies held among our family members, friends, etc everyone wants a faster internet connection in this era of Android smartphones and smart technology. As companies having 3G and 4G rates same users get the 4G pack on their devices and the best speed given by 4G is up to 8 MB/s. Some users have WiFi at their place which has packs of 2MB/s, 5MB/s 10MB/s and 20MB/s which is better than 4G, will 5G compete this WiFi speeds and google’s optical fiber?

5G First looks

5G is expected to be based on having a speed which can handle the concepts of the Internet of things with enabling self-driving cars, automated technology and much more. 5G is a network which will have a higher connection speed ever experienced.

5G network data connection having higher speed will be strong which will handle vehicle wearable and mobile AR and VR devices and much more. 5G, however, is not only aiming to reduce latency to as low as one millisecond to allow real-time operation of important devices.

5G boasts up to 20 gigabytes per second which is way better than 4G(LTE) and google’s optical fiber.5G is hitting the market sometime in 2019 with it becoming widespread around 2025 since providers not only are trying to make 5G more uniform standards than what exists today to ensure better compatibility around the world.

5G is shorter wavelength means it’s more prone to signal degradation across great distances but even though most of us will have to wait awhile to experience 5G trials are already underway in a few places in the United States. Small-scale deployments are expected at the 2018 and 2020 Olympics to give attendees an early look at the tech before it reaches the mainstream.

5G will shorten/vanish the buffering period the videos will be seen on VR and AR at a very robust speed and would not buffer any more which was a major factor in LTE. You will be able to download any 100 GB file in seconds which will please you to have those big files getting download in some seconds.

5G is expected to be launched in 2019 and will be spread all over the world by 2025.


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