First case of iPhone 8 battery swelling reported in United States after Taiwan, Greece, China and Canada


2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Redux: Apple’s iPhone 8 batteries are now bloating everywhere! iPhone 8 user in the United States reports battery bloating after users in Canada, Taiwan, Greece, Japan and China

Let’s teleport and go back to 2016 when Apple was about to launch it’s iPhone 7 and Samsung was running against time to rush to the podium earlier with its Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The result was something which created news and explosions all over the world for next few months!!! Yes exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 everywhere. In fact, there was never a day when a Galaxy Note 7 didn’t explode in some part of the world. The disastrous exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7s cost Samsung not only in lost reputation but during the whole month, Samsung stocks dropped to a record low.

Let’s cut back present day and this time it’s Apple’s flagship – iPhone 8. Apple’s latest iPhone apparently has a bloating battery problem which sometimes splits the iPhone 8 into half.  The new Apple iPhone 8 was made available to buyers on 22nd September 2017. In the first week of October, the first iPhone 8 battery bloating and iPhone splitting case was reported in Taiwan.The first instance reported by ifeng , comes from an iPhone 8 Plus owner who claimed that her device split open while being charged with a charger and cable supplied in the box. Soon, similar iPhone 8 battery bloating and splitting incidents were reported in Greece, Canada, Japan, and China.

Now the iPhone 8 battery bloating case has reached the shores of the United States of America and Apple must be nervous. This happened just a week after Apple said it is looking into incidents of iPhone 8 batteries swelling and phones being left split apart in China, Taiwan, Japan, and Greece.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus with a swollen battery. Image: Twitter/@magokoro0511

iPhone 8 battery swelling case now reported in the United States

A Best Buy employee posted on Reddit to report that his store had received a bulging iPhone 8 as a return. He had also supplied an image along with his post. It is likely that this may not be the last incident. The number of affected iPhone 8 handsets that have been reportedly bloated is still statistically insignificant since millions of iPhone 8 handsets have already been sold.

However, the question is the reputation of Apple and image of iPhone in the eyes of buyers and stockholders. Tim Cook and the top Apple honchos must be praying hard that the battery bloating issue doesn’t affect the full batch of iPhone 8s sold until now and Apple doesn’t have to undergo the loss of face that Samsung did in 2016 after the exploding Galaxy Note 7s fiasco. It will not only have to find a quick solution for the bloating batteries, popping screens and splitting iPhone 8 but also replace the entire batch. It will also have to undertake a massive PR exercise to assure its buyers that the iPhone 8 battery bloating incidents are one-off and not widespread which will cost huge money.

Apple’s annual sales are driven by its iPhone sales and any such fiasco could hit the company hard both in terms of lost revenue as well as lost stock price. The issue was reported on Friday after the U.S. markets were closed. It remains to be seen how the United States Apple shareholders react to the news of the first case of iPhone 8 battery bloating in the US when markets open on Monday.


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