Firefox users claims updated Microsoft Edge browser secretly imports their Firefox data


Newly updated Microsoft Edge spotted secretly importing Firefox user data

It is now clear that Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 2004 to update users to use Microsoft’s Edge browser instead of Google’s Chrome. But it seems that the new May 2020 Windows 10 2004 update has gone a step further in pimping Microsoft Edge to Windows 10 users. If you start your Windows 10 with the 2004 version, you will notice that the Microsoft Edge is automatically starting.

As we spotted before that even after making Google Chrome the default browser, many Windows 10 2004 users found that the Microsoft Edge was still loading during the boot sequence making them stick with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Well here is something new we found, some Firefox users have started reporting the issues with the Microsoft edge that is secretly importing firefox data to the Edge. We found multiple reports on popular forums, some of them are below.

Love rebooting my computer to get treated to a forced tour of a browser I’m not going to use that  have to force close through the task manager to escape, and then finding out it’s been copying over my data from Firefox without permission.

one user explained


Unless you close it via task manager instead of doing the forced setup, in which case it copies your data anyway, and the worst part is most people will never know what it’s doing because they’ll never open it again. I only reopened it because I noticed it automatically signed me into the browser as it was closing and wanted to sign out before not touching it again, at which point I discovered it had already copied my Firefox data over despite the fact I didn’t go through the setup process

Other user says

Microsoft has not yet been commented on the issues and also no reasons have been found on the forums on how Edge is importing Firefox data. Meanwhile, take a look on Forced Microsoft Edge opening during Windows 10 2004 boot? Here is how you can stop it.

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