Firefox Daylight launched for Android smartphones with new UI, advanced tracking protection and GeckoView


Mozilla launches Firefox 79 aka Firefox Daylight for Android smartphones and tablets with a brand new user interface, tracking protection, GeckoView, etc.

After almost a year in development, the Mozilla Foundation has launched the latest version of its Android smartphone browser called Firefox Daylight. Mozilla says that Firefox Daylight aka Firefox 79 for Android smartphones and tablets is a brand in itself like the Firefox 57 Quantum.

Mozilla says the Firefox Daylight is “an entirely overhauled, faster, and more convenient product.” The new Firefox Daylight browser will have a brand new user interface and includes Enhanced Tracking Protection on by default.  It also includes the Mozilla’s in-house mobile browser engine called GeckoView. Mozilla will be rolling out Firefox Daylight for Android smartphone users globally in a phased manner starting with Germany, France, and the U.K. today, and North America starting August 27. The rest of the world could get the new Firefox browser in September 2020.

Here are some unique features of Mozilla Firefox Daylight aka Firefox 79 for Android:

  • Firefox Daylight loads 10% faster than the previous version.
  • It will offer a more responsive and quicker application when you’re scrolling or tapping.
  • Mozilla’s Enhanced Tracking Protection is enabled by default and will block advertisers and publishers from logging your online behavior.
  • Firefox Daylight will feature Tab collections. This will let you organize sets of tabs into a named group that you can open in bulk later.
  • Firefox Daylight adds Mozilla’s list of recommended extensions, add-ons that let you customize the browser, making it easier to find ones that are safe and useful
  • Firefox Daylight has an improved Private Mode based on the privacy browser Firefox Focus.

The brand new user interface in Firefox Daylight:

Unlike traditional browsers, the Firefox Daylight will now offer the URL bar at the bottom of your smartphone screen by default. This is particularly useful on large smartphones and tablets, however, if you want you can change the position of the URL bar to the top like other browsers. Firefox Daylight also makes it easy to toggle between Light and Dark themes, or you can choose an automatic switch that follows your Android setting so the browser switches to dark mode at a certain time of day.

You can also create a group of tabs with a new bookmarking tool called Collections, which is meant to help you organize and curate online searches. Firefox Daylight lets you share Collections between your devices, so you can send more than just a single tab from your phone to your computer, and vice versa. The company plans to integrate Mozilla Pocket into the feature in the near future.

Firefox Daylight will come bundled with nine add-ons from Mozilla’s Recommended Extensions program. They are uBlock Origin, Dark Reader, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript Security Suite, Decentraleyes, Search by Image, YouTube High Definition, and Privacy Possum. Firefox Daylight, though, employs Mozilla’s new GeckoView, an updated foundation other browsers and apps can use, too.

You can download the new Firefox Daylight aka Firefox 79 from here.



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