Finally Sundar Pichai agrees not to favor Joe Biden in Google search features and snippets


After an intense grilling by Rep Jim Jordan, Sundar Pichai agrees Google search will not favor Democrats in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Elections, 2020

Google had been accused of favoring Democrats and then Presidential-candidate, Hillary Clinton and silencing articles supporting conservative ideas and posts in 2016. In fact, in a report by Transparency Project states that at least 57 Google or related employees were affiliated with Clinton in her presidential campaign, in her State Department, at her family foundation. Google is also accused by conservatives of favoring Joe Biden and democrats in the upcoming November 2020 U.S. Presidential elections.

In the public Anti-Trust hearings going on in the United States against Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, Ohio Representative, Jim Jordan super grilled Google CEO on the charges of Google search results favoring Democrats and shadowbanning conservative viewpoints through search results, rich snippets, and features.

Rep. Jordan had to ask three times to Pichai to commit that Google will not favor Joe Biden and democrats in the forthcoming November 2020 United States Presidential Elections. He specifically asked Pichai to comment on the emails sent by Google’s Multicultural Marketing development head Eliana Murillo the day after the 2016 election detailing that Google had “supported partners like Voto Latino to pay for rides to the polls in key states.” The key states mentioned here were the swing states of Nevada and Florida.

“Ultimately, after all was said and done, the Latino community did come out to vote, and completely surprised us,” Murillo wrote in the email. “We never anticipated that 29% of Latinos would vote for Trump. No one did. We saw headlines like this about early voter turn out and thought that this was finally the year that the ‘sleeping giant’ had awoken.”  Murillo noted that 71 percent of Latinos voted for Clinton and that “that wasn’t enough.” She said that despite efforts to remain “objective,” that Trump’s win was “devastating for our Democratic Latino community.”

Pichai stated that Google would not allow its employees to use its platform for their own personal political biases but did not provide a direct Yes or No answer to Rep.Jordan’s question. Rep.Jordan questioned Pichai whether it can assure American citizens that Google will not tailor its features to help Joe Biden in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

After several prods, Pichai finally agreed to Rep. Jordan’s demand and told the anti-trust committee that, “You have my commitment, it is always been true and we will continue to conduct ourselves in a neutral way.”

So if you find Google search results, features, and snippets neutral/bipartisan in the upcoming elections, don’t be surprised.


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