Finally Apple to switch x86 Intel chip with its own ARM-based chip for its Macs


Apple to switch from x86 Intel chip to its own ARM-based chip for its Macs

After plenty of rumors and predictions, Apple is now finally set for switching its x86 Intel chip Macs to its own ARM-based processors Mac. According to reports, ARM-based Macs will be launched in 2021, so that the developers gain several months to prepare for the transition.  According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple plans to announce its upcoming shift to ARM-based Macs at its virtual WWDC event later this month.

Well, if you look in the past, Apple had switched its processors back in 2005, that stated switching from PowerPC to Intel, and about a year later company started to build its products based on Intel.

Apple has already started developing three ARM-based Mac processors based on the next iPhone’s A14 chip as part of Apple’s “Kalamata” project. There are multiple advantages of an ARM-based Mac over the existing Intel-based Macs, including faster performance and reduced power consumption.

Setting performance comparisons aside, the most prominent advantage that ARM CPUs have over X86 CPUs is power efficiency, which also means they don’t run as hot. This is part of why ARM CPUs are the technology of choice for passively-cooled, battery-powered mobile devices

The company’s first Mac processor is expected to have eight high-performance cores and at least four energy-efficient cores making it to have 12 cores. Apple may also explore Mac processors with more than 12 cores for further in the future, with the company apparently designing the second generation of Mac processors based on the A15 chip.

Apple’s 31st Worldwide Developers Conference will be a digital-only event in 2020, with no physical gathering planned due to the spread of the coronavirus around the world. The virtual WWDC event will kick off on June 22, and it will be free for all developers.

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