the largest private Torrent website snatched by Romania Authorities


World’s most popular and largest private Torrent website ‘’ seized by Romania authorities

The World’s Largest and famous domain a private BitTorrent tracker platform was found in 2007, has been seized by Romanian authorities. The domain is seized under the provisions of art. 249 code of Criminal procedure.

The domain has over a million members and has 10 million daily visits, this invite-only platform’s operators are currently in hot waters as they are facing criminal investigation carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

The domain is currently displaying the above content, which says the High Court of Cassation and Justice has seized the domain name under the art.249 and is under investigation.

what are the provisions of art 249 code of Criminal procedure?

Art. 249 of Criminal procedure

The exemption from criminal investigation takes place when ‘one of the cases stipulated in
art. 10 letters a)-e) occurs and there is a defendant in the cause.
The provisions of art. 242-246 and 248 are also enforced accordingly in the exemption
In the case of stipulated in art. 10 letter b1 ) the prosecutor decides by ordinance.
Art. 249(1)
In case the exemption from the criminal investigation has been ordered according to
the art. 10 letter b 1 ), the enforcement of the reproof or of the reproof with a warning, stipulated in art. 91 in the Criminal Code, enforced by the prosecutor, is done according to art. 487, which is enforced accordingly. The execution of the administrative sanction fine is done according to the art. 442 and 443. A complaint may be filed against the ordinance on the exemption from criminal investigation according to art. 10 letter b1) within 5 days from the notification stipulated in art. 246. ‘The execution of the ordinance by which the administrative sanction fine has been
enforced is done after the period stipulated in paragraph 3 is over. and if a complaint has
been filed and rejected, after its rejection.

Private trackers are different from public torrent sites like The Pirate Bay. Private trackers can only be accessed by members, who have subscribed for the service, and in return, they get faster download speeds and every type of content can be downloaded.

The private torrent admin said that two domains and were being shifted to, which was registered in April 2020. The new domain is functioning now indicating that the servers of haven’t been seized.

The website admins released a statement “Since the beginning of this site measures have been taken to protect users. Meaning that, even if by one method or another, the authorities seize the server, there are multiple protection and encryption systems to prevent access to the database and/or other files.”

“We care very much about the security and anonymity of our users. No personal data is stored on the server anyway. No allegations have been brought to our attention and we will continue to fight for the right of our users to free speech and communication.


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