FBI Chief Christopher Wray says that China is the biggest threat to the United States


FBI Director Christopher Wray says China continuously launching cyberattacks on public and private IT infrastructure in the United States

After the President Trump, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and FCC Chief, Ajit Pai, now FBI Director Christopher Wray castigated Chinese cyberattacks on the United States-based companies and government IT infrastructure.

Speaking at the Hudson Institute event, FBI chief Wray condemned the cyberattacks launched by Chinese Intelligence on the Public and Private IT infrastructure operating in the United States and stated that attacks had the potential to cause economic harm which still defies calculation.

Wray said that China was attempting to become the sole superpower by undermining the US infrastructure through hack attempts, data breaches, and data leaks. “The attacks amounted to one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history”, Wray said in his address.

Wray also categorized China as a poacher of technology and abuser of America’s intellectual property. In the process, He asserted that China was robbing the US and other international companies of their technological innovation in an effort to shore up its Chinese government-owned companies.

The FBI chief’s comment comes on the back of State Secretary Mike Pompeo’s announcement last week that United States is considering imposing a ban the Chinese origin apps like TikTok, UC Browser, ShareIt, WeChat citing National Security concerns. It is worth noting that India has banned similar 59 Chinese origin Apps citing data security and national security concerns.

The United States has already imposed a ban on export and import of equipment and services supplied by Chinese Telecom vendors ZTE and Huawei in 2018 and extended it to 2021. Other countries like Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Australia follow suit and banned these two in 2019.

In the speech, Wray said that the Chinese counterintelligence cases that the FBI was investigating in the U.S. have nearly doubled this year. This is seen as an effort by China to double the hack and data breach attempts on Chinese firms.

You can read the entire transcript of FBI Chief, Wray’s speech here.


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