FBI arrest Maksim Boiko, the Russian hacker-Rapper who laundered money through BTC-e


FBI arrest Maksim Boiko a Rapper turned hacker for converting stolen money into BTC for QQAAZZ

QQAAZZ is a group of 5 Latvian men, the group has bank accounts all over the globe which they send money that they receive from ransomware, malware, and phishing scams to  hacker for laundering. The group then takes a cut from the stolen money which is up to 50% sometimes, this helps hackers from not getting caught from the cops as they are not traceable from the banks too.

Maksim Boiko is a 29-year-old Russian rapper was arrested by the FBI for carrying $20,000 in cash through the Miami airport earlier this year.

An FBI complaint was opened up in March against Maksim Boiko, the complaint said Maksim Boiko, 29, was a “significant cybercriminal” who converted stolen money into cryptocurrency for a group called QQAAZZ. Boiko was taken into custody in Florida earlier this year, though he’s due to be arraigned via teleconference in the Western District of Pennsylvania soon, defense attorney Arkady Bukh told CyberScoop.

Boiko was arrested in March at a Miami condominium on March 28. An FBI complaint unsealed the next day included pictures of Boiko driving a BMW with bundles of U.S. cash on his lap, and the Russian holding a stack of dollars against his face.

Below is an Instagram post of Boiko with a bundle of dollars in his hands

FBI says Maksim Boiko is a cybercriminal as he converts stolen money into BTS for QQAAZZ

Investigators pointed to the images as evidence that Boiko’s actions were “inconsistent with the practices of a legitimate business operation[.]” In fact, the FBI said, Boiko, has for years provided the QQAAZZ cybercrime gang with access to criminally controlled bank accounts, which they could use to move funds stolen in prior cybercrimes. The effort worked as a kind of “global, complicit bank drops service,”

the FBI complaint said.

Boiko also is an aspiring rapper under the name Plinofficial. Songs with titles like “Chasing Paper,” “Millions” and “Kosmonavt,” which translates to “Cosmonaut,” the Russian equivalent of an astronaut. The music was released under a music label called “Smells Weed Music,” a phrase that’s also a major theme on Boiko’s Instagram.


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