Facebook SDK is causing Apps like Tinder, Waze, Spotify, Deezer to crash on iPhones


Facebook SDK is causing Apps like Pinterest, PUBG Mobile, Spotify, Tinder to break down on iPhones; All Apps using Facebook SDK are vulnerable to this bug

In the month of May 2020, we had reported how Facebook SDK was crashing iPhone Apps like Spotify, Venmo, Tinder, TikTok, DoorDash, and Pinterest without any reason. At that time, Facebook had said that the error was due to a serverside glitch which had since been corrected. But it seems like the flaw persists.

Thousands of iPhone users are reporting their iPhone Apps crashing and the culprit is the same Facebook SDK. Apps like Venmo, Tinder, Waze, Spotify, Pinterest, and thousands of other apps that use Facebook SDK are affected as the social network’s software is causing thousands of apps to crash on launch.

All iPhone Apps that have the built-in Facebook SDK can no longer start. Even if they do start, they will crash on opening. All these apps typically use Facebook SDK for users to verify themselves and log in with their accounts. The issue isn’t hardware or software specific and seems to affect all kinds of iPhones as well as iOS versions. Even the iPhone 7 users are complaining about the App crash as are the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max users.

After May 2020, this is the second time this has happened. At that point, the social network had said that it was a small software glitch which was corrected pretty quickly but right now even Facebook doesn’t have answers for the App crashes. It says that it is still investigating the issue.

The only workaround available right now is to take your iPhone offline. Many users say that the App crash is triggered as soon as the App tries to connect to the Facebook SDK. Switching off Internet connection for time being to solve this issue. However, this workaround is useless for Apps like Tinder or TikTok which need a network connection.

Hopefully, like in May, this could be a server-side misconfiguration error that can be fixed without updating the Apps. Facebook has already confirmed that it’s investigating, but for the time being there is no fix for Apps crashing on your iPhone.



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