Facebook has now enabled Quiet Mode and Dark Mode for Android/iPhone and Desktop


What Is Facebook’s New ‘Quiet Mode’ for Android smartphones and iPhones and How Does It Work?; How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Desktop

With all the hoopla around CoronaVirus, nobody noticed not one but two updates from Facebook. They silently pushed a new update for Android smartphones and iPhones which lets users enable Quiet Mode. Simultaneously, Facebook also rolled out a new Dark Mode for Facebook update for Desktop. We will take a look at both the updates one by one.

What Is Facebook’s New ‘Quiet Mode’ for Android smartphones and iPhones and How Does It Work?

Facebook has rolled out the all-new “Quiet Mode” feature for its iOS and Android apps. You can now tap the “Manage Quiet Mode” button to go to your settings and enable/disable the feature at any time. Quiet Mode silences most (but not all) Facebook notifications. The Quiet Mode silences notifications for new posts, messenger replies and other timeline interactions. This applies to notifications and badges sent by your iOS or Android device as well as those from the Facebook app itself. Silenced activity still shows up in the notification tab, in case you do decide to check on what your friends are up to; you just won’t get any alerts about it while in Quiet Mode.

How to enable Facebook’s Quiet Mode

You can turn on Quiet Mode in the Facebook app:

  1. Tap the “Settings” menu tab.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Your Time on Facebook”
  3. Tap the slider next to “Quiet Mode.”

You can also set how long you want Quiet Mode to remain active each time you run it. You’ll also find tools for setting up automatic Quiet Mode timers and the option to have Facebook remind you of screen time limits. When you enable Quiet Mode, the app’s interface is hidden behind a fullscreen notification reminding you that the setting is turned on and displaying how much time is left until Quiet Mode ends.

For those who don’t have Quiet Mode yet, you can enable Facebook’s “Mute Notifications” option. This will silence system-level alerts in much the same way as Quiet Mode, though in-app notifications will still show up.

What is Dark Mode and How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Desktop?

Sittings hours together in front of the Facebook screen can strain your eyes. Now, Facebook has quietly enabled Dark Mode which comes as a bit of gift for those who spend long hours on Facebook on a desktop. To enable Dark Mode on Facebook desktop, go to the new Facebook interface window, click on the down arrow in the top-right corner to open your Account menu. You can then toggle the “Dark Mode” option to activate the setting.

You can revert to normal mode by toggling the slider for Dark Mode by following these same instructions.


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