Facebook gets its own Tinder like dating App for couples


Corona Lockdown – connect with the love of your life: You can now use Facebook’s Tinder App for dating

Facebook launches Tinder like dating app called ‘Tuned’ for ‘socially distanced’ couples

Love is in the air. With most governments around the world imposing lockdowns and quarantines, it is impossible for couples to find free places to mingle and jingle. The second-best alternative would be to connect using Apps. One of the best couple dating apps out there is Tinder. However, it is much maligned as a sex App rather than a dating app. Facebook honchos know this and they have quietly launched their own dating app just for couples who can connect to each other intimately. The App is called Tuned and is currently available for iOS users only. However, knowing Facebook, it is likely to be a pan-world App much like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Basically, a mashed-up stew between Facebook and Tinder, the Tuned allows users to spot and pair with a date and share intimate details about each other. Tuned App allows couples to share their mood, exchange music via Spotify and create a digital scrapbook.

“Tuned lets two people send each other text and voice messages, along with photos and songs, after adding each other’s phone numbers. The app was recently made available for download in Apple’s App Store in the US,”

It is learned that the App has been developed by the New Product Experimentation team at Facebook and is billed as a “private space” for the couple to connect aka Facebook’s Tinder. The App also allows users to send text messages and videos just like you do on WhatsApp. It can also send memos or voice notes with photos on any messaging app.

As said above the Tuned App is a mashup between Facebook and Tinder but can be used for discrete chatting with your intimate ones. The Tuned App comes on the back of the Facebook Dating app which Facebook had launched last year. The Facebook Dating App was an extension of Facebook that allowed users explore potential romantic relationships within their own extended circle of friends on Facebook. In this App, Facebook users could use a feature is called “Secret Crush” and select up to nine Facebook friends who they wanted to be in a romantic relation with. However, Facebook Dating App worked only within Facebook communities hence the new App.

The Tuned team will be using Facebook extensively to help users find the right partner.

“We will also be integrating Facebook Groups, making it possible to meet new friends from your most meaningful communities on Facebook.”

You can start dating using the Facebook Tuned App if you own an iPhone. Android users will have to wait a little longer to find the love of their life.


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