Facebook admits it scans all your messages, videos and photos sent on FB Messenger


Facebook Has Admitted It Scans All Messages And Photos You Send On Messenger

If you are a Facebook Messenger user, you should read this news with particular interest. Up until now it was rumored that Facebook scans each and every FB Messenger message, photos and videos but now you have it straight from the horse’s mouth. Yes, Facebook has admitted that it scans all the data that any FB Messenger sends through the multi-platform messaging service.

In a statement released to the financial website, Bloomberg, Facebook company said that it scanned user messages, audio, video, and photos. Earlier in the week, Mark Zuckerberg told Vox about how Facebook detected Myanmar violence messages in the messages sent via FB Messenger. That set the ball rolling on Facebook surveillance techniques and whether FB was monitoring each and every user.

Now it seems, Facebook scans all the FB Messenger conversations of all users. This is obstinately done under the garb of curbing abuse on the social network because the company said that the scanned data is not used for advertising purpose. But the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal proves otherwise. The news suggests that CA harvested data from FB users to honey trap and blackmail them during the recent United States Presidential elections.

Facebook said in the statement that automated tools scan all user messages and flag a message or picture for review. The company added that this was necessitated to prevent the threat of malware entering the Facebook ecosystem. Similarly, this is aimed at preventing users posting violent or pedophile posts, images, and videos.

However, it leaves several questions unanswered. What does Facebook do with all the data it collects from scanning the messages? Does it simply delete it or does it store the data somewhere? What happens if the data is hacked or misused as was done in the case of recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Mark Zuckerberg is to testify before the Congress about Facebook’s role in the scandal but it believed that CA misused Facebook users data with active knowledge of FB. The data breach has already taken a toll on investor confidence as the company has lost nearly $100 billion value.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the new privacy policy which details data usage in a more transparent manner. It is also working on disabling private authorization tokens which allow third-party Apps users to login. “We explain the services we offer in a language that’s easier to read,” an official blog post reads.

Under the new privacy policy, all Facebook products including Instagram and Messenger will be following similar data policy and content review rules. Facebook’s other chat app, WhatsApp messenger is excluded from the new privacy policy. WhatsApp works differently and keeps it content private by encrypting its communication data. Facebook Messenger also has a similar feature but it needs to be turned on.


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